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Gary Jody Chad and Jace Johnson donate this 800 lb steer which was auctioned at JC Livestock Sales in Junction City Kansas. Total raised for the Beef Battalion $12,135. The Big First Unit Patch was made by Amy Langvardt.

Within one minute of being on Rural Route, Billy The Kid in action 

Celeste Settrini in a vineyard

Celeste Settrini, President California Ag Women, Guest on 2/10/10

Picking broccoli behind Celeste Settrini's office



How they serve steak in a Brazilian Steak House

Kyle and his 60oz drink

Trent and his 64oz drink

NCBA 2010



Denise Qualls, Rural Route guest on January 19, 2010

Pictures from Hank Vogler

Taken by Dr. Robert Campbell - guest on 9/3/08


Taken at the Meat Tasting Event at the 3i Show


Cows grazing mine tailings in Globe, AZ


Trent with Miss America and the Miss Montana Contestants


The "Urban Wheat Field Experience" sponsored by the Wheat Foods Council

in Manhattan, NY on Oct 8, 2008



Taken at David Letterman's Ranch - from Andrew Bardwell, guest on 1/27/09